Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Hearts Expire" As the City Rumbles Underneath Video

Here it is!  My band, As the City Rumbles Underneath's new video.  This one was done with a lot more planning and we're really happy with the results.  We hired an experienced friend, Hunter Luis to direct which took a lot of pressure off us so we could just be "artists".  Another friend of mine, Jake Vincent was the videographer and he did a really great job.  Roz Gracie edited again and because she had a lot more footage to work with she really outdid herself this time.  It's times like this that you can appreciate having such talented friends!

Whenever we do a video we get a few visuals in our heads and then we kind of do everything impromptu during shooting.  The main visual  I had for this song was two separate pieces of poster board with a half a heart so when they're combined you'd have a heart.  We took a lot of B roll with those hearts and I thought it looked great. Props to Hunter Luis for making such great hearts!

Here they are drying the day before shoot day.

Here's one of my favourite shots in the video with the hearts:

Here's a few pictures of Cat while we were shooting:

Shooting the video proved a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to doing more.  I'm also thinking of ways to include making videos for my music production clients.  From all I've seen the exposure you get with one as opposed to without is enormous so it'd definitely be worth it.  More on that later...

If you want more info on the band you can check us out here:

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