Friday, January 30, 2009

January News

Had a lot of interesting projects this month. Lots of different things around the world which is kind of cool. It's amazing how much the internet has changed everything. There's always ongoing projects going on but here's some of the new things that started this month:

I got commissioned to do a bunch of music for a pretty big tv show that airs in Malaysia. Creating music for TV and film is something I'd really like to get into and this is a really good start. The cool thing is that it's just going to be a licensing arrangement so when I'm done I'm going to have all these great backing tracks available for other shows as well. The music is kind of ambient and dark which is stuff I love doing. I'll more than likely post the stuff on the licensing site when it's finished.

I had a few americans contact me about doing some hip hop and pop beats for them. One is in Buffalo and the other is stationed in Iraq on a government contract. The beats turned out great and everyone is happy.

When I do beats for people outside of Toronto they generally email me some samples of stuff they're looking for and then I send them stuff back with tags (someone saying "Morph Productions" over every loop of the beat in the background) until they pay me. They usually end up paying via paypal.

For more info on the beats I do and to hear some demos go to
Morph Beats

The last project of the month involved recording a voice actor for a telephone answering system for Hilroy, the paper supply company. Hilroy chose one of the many voice actors I have available to my clients. I have demos of everyone I use so if you ever require someone to do voice over work I can send you some demos and you can choose whom you'd like to use.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Beginning

Hello, here's the beginning of the Morph Productions Blog. This will be used to discuss news at my studio Morph Productions, located in Toronto Ontario. I found that the news page on my site is too limiting in space so there will be expanded news here as well as topics I choose to cover regarding music recording, production, writing as well as the music business in general.

Let the games begin!