Monday, October 11, 2010

Authorizing 32 bit plugins in Logic Pro while it's in 64 bit mode

I was just updating some plugins and was shocked when one of them, East/West's Play engine disappeared after an update. After a moment of panic I remembered how 32 bit plugins can't be authorized while Logic is in 64 bit mode. To get it to show up again I simply loaded Logic in 32 bit mode and then closed and reloaded in 64 bit mode, presto! I guess we'll wait and see when all these plugin makers start switching their plugs to 64 bit mode. Logic's 32 bit bridge is not as light on the CPU as Apple claims.

Hats of to Native Instruments for their conversion of Guitar Rig 4 to 64 bit mode. They're my first plugin (out of many!) to switch to 64 bit. From what I understand Melodyne will be later in October or early November. I'm sure Waves and East/West will end up being last on the list...

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