Monday, November 15, 2010

Logic Pro 9 24 bit audio, 32 bit and 64 bit processing

Since Logic Pro has switched to 64 bit people have been asking me about 24/32/64 bit audio. I'm going to make this 24/32/64 bit thing a lot easier for you by giving you a bit of an explanation. When Logic is saying that it can run in 32/64 bit mode they're referring to the bit rate the program is running and processing at, not what your audio is recording at. Those are two separate things. You will still be recording your audio at 24 bit and running logic in either 32 bit or 64 bit mode. The advantage of 64 bit is that Logic will now be able to access all the ram available that you have in your system. In a 32 bit system a program can only access about 4 gigs of ram (even if you have 16 gigs, it won't be using more than 4). This doesn't sound bad for most programs but when you consider that all the plugins running within Logic are included in that 4 gigs you can see how you could run out pretty quickly!

I switched over to 64 bit and am pretty happy overall. The one caveat is that a lot of plugins haven't switched over to 64 bit mode so you have to use this "audio unit bridge" to use them. It seems to work ok but you do take a bit of a performance hit. All things considered I think it's worth the hassle to have access to all my ram and logic is working well in 64 bit mode.

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