Wednesday, June 2, 2010

API 512c Preamp Tips

Just a little tip about the API 512c preamp. I've been using one for about 10 years now inside an API Lunchbox. It's my "go to" preamp to record vocals alongside my Neumann u87.

The API 512c has a notorious hot output which makes you have to lower your pre level (there's no output level on this preamp). Unfortunately this means you can't drive the transformer in the pre as hard as you'd like. The work around for this is to get some sort of attenuator. Based on a recommendation I got a Shure A15AS attenuator. The advantage of this one is that it's adjustable in 5db increments (-15db to -25db). You can get a good price on one of these units here:

This thing is always attached to my 512c unless I'm recording a professional voice over or audio book where I want as clean a sound as possible.

It's nice having the extra control and the option of more sounds from the API 512c that this little device allows.
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