Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Music Industry Books

I've spent a lot of time reading books about the music industry and I've always found them helpful, especially years ago when I was just starting out.  Since I'm always telling people who are looking to get started to read these books anyway, I figured I'd do a quick blog post on some of the books that I think have some great info in them.

"How To Make and Sell Your Own Recording" - Diane Rapaport

I remember reading a version of this book when I was 16 in the early 90's and it really helped give me some ideas as to how an indie artist has to promote and build their own career.  The book has been updated since then of course but anyone who's recording their own music and plan to sell it should definitely pick this up and read carefully.

"Confessions of a Record Producer" - Moses Avalon

I read this book about 8 years ago when I was still in the thick of my Sony publishing deal and I remember continually thinking, "yep, that just happened, that happened to me last week..." etc...

The reality is the music business is unlike any other business out there and if you want to be in it in ANY capacity you should learn the ropes.  This book is coming from the record producers perspective but the information in it is good for anyone who's looking to get involved with the industry.  Here's a link to the latest version:

"Modern Recording Techniques" - David Miles Huber, Robert E. Runstein

An earlier version of this book was my text book when I went to Fanshawe College's "Music Industry Arts" program.  I know there's a bunch of other schools that use it as well so if you're interested in the more technical side of recording or music production you might as well buy this book and study up before you go to school!

"The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions" - Mark Lewisohn

I've had this book for a few years and it's a great trivia piece.  It's only worthwhile if you're a fan of the Beatles but if you are it gives you a breakdown of how every recording session went that they ever did at Abbey Road Studios.  Very informative and a good quick read!

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